Introducing dden: your bitcoin home page

We are pleased to launch dden, our information aggregation service that aims to provide a stream of high-quality content about the bitcoin economy.


Over the years we have been immersed in the world of Bitcoin with information coming from multiple sources spread across the Internet and no clear way of filtering it. Resources like Reddit or Twitter have been of great help in getting to the bottom of what is really going on, however it takes a lot of work to figure out which news outlets, blogs and social media personae deliver to-the-point information, especially if you are new to the scene. The only way to filter the noise has, so far, been to create your own "echo chamber", an information environment tailored to your needs and likes. However, this process is usually restricted to a particular medium, such as a social network. Users, that have more time and skills, may use RSS-feed readers and Google Alerts but they are far from perfect. 

Having been around for long enough to understand what constitutes signal and which information is irrelevant (noise), we see an opportunity in solving the too-much-information problem. Project "dden" started a couple of months ago with the purpose of creating a news aggregation service to keep up with the daily happenings in the world of Bitcoin. We wanted to devise something primarily for ourselves, a tool that would save a lot of time and energy, the ultimate scarce resources. Later, however, it became apparent that such a tool would be quite useful in the form of a website open to anybody. The idea is simple: we do our best to filter information so you can enjoy the latest content and be sure that most garbage (noise) has already been dealt with: if it's not on dden, it's not worth your attention.

In its first iteration, dden provides the following information categories: News, Price, Blogs, Media and Events. All content is received from multiple sources on the Internet, filtered by our algorithms first and then approved for publication manually by our staff. Our heuristics and techniques, as well as crawling scripts, are still in their infant stages, so please bear with us while we perfect the process. It is a lot of work and we see no end to major improvements as well as minor incremental changes. In addition, we will be happy to receive feedback and monitor which sections of the portal are of increased interest to our audience. 

Wait, but aren't we biased in what we approve? Of course, we are. Constant fence-sitting is antithetical to our values; we prefer to do our research and make a decision in support of or against certain ideas. On dden you may expect content about Bitcoin (the protocol and the currency), related technologies (mining, Layer 2, sidechains), infrastructure (exchanges, brokers, payment processors), political news, economics, education, events and so on. 

dden is only starting, and, based on the next several months, we will have a clearer idea where we are going. There is no multi-year vision or business plan simply because we do not believe plans work out that well in an unpredictable world. The purpose, however, is well-defined: become your home page for all things Bitcoin.

You may visit the current version of the portal (0.1.1) at:

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Hello, bitcoin world!

We are pleased to start this new venture to build products and services that explore the boundaries of what is possible and even seemingly impossible in the new world that is emerging before our eyes thanks to Bitcoin, a logical step in humanity's evolution on this earth.

Our mission statement is:

system_b strives to pioneer novel approaches to enterprise governance, operations, product development and other business and social aspects of the bitcoin economy.

Our core principles are:

  1. Bitcoin. Anything else is noise.
  2. Under-promise, over-deliver.
  3. Never settle.
  4. Skin in the game.
  5. Be the change you want to see in the world.

The knowledge and experience we will gain from running system_b will be used to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs whose goal is to follow their dreams and create abundance for themselves and others.